Create, modify and manage
digital signage content with ease from an enterprise level, cloud-based solution.


Introduce new menu items,
tempting promotions, sponsorship
advertising, directional signage
and more at the point of sale. All
through an intuitive interface.

Directional Signage
When an event ends and guests/fans leave the venue, let fans and guests know which way to exit

Task & Management Lists
Help operationalize clean up by displaying a reminder or to-do list for pre and post event tasks

Promotions & Notifications
Feature partner and house promotions with exciting offers and animated graphic messages


Since 2017, our goal has been to
create the highest-value, scalable
dynamic menu board display
system in the market while helping
to operationalize venue concessions.
All for a cost-effective price.

Quick updates & item removal

Whether making content changes in the AmpBoards CMS or from a 3rd party POS database, changes will appear dynamically within seconds so you don’t have to worry about outdated content.

Change items based on inventory

As inventory becomes low or products run out from location to location, specific food items can be swapped out for another product with ease. For the end of alcohol sales at the end of an event, use the disable feature to remove all alcohol items from boards while keeping the menu design composition intact.

Dynamically swap, show or hide content

For venues which hosts multiple events or wish to turn menu boards into alternate messaging during the course of an event or for another brand, the swap feature allows you to show any alternate content such as directional signage, concession clean up list, or change from sports theme to concert, venue branding or other.

POS, DB and API integrations

API keys and table functions builder within AmpBoards enable any database content from 3rd party vendors to pass through the CMS and be updated on the end points.

Key Features

Dynamic Text Sizer

As a list of items becomes longer than usual and outgrows the container, text will begin to decrease with the more items added.


Many menu board templates come with pre-built containers made for advertisements, messaging, house ads and more. Animate multiple advertisements with the ad slider feature under global switches.

Global Switches

When the need for making content changes to multiple screens in multiple places, global switches gives you the ability to affect those changes in one easy locatoin within the CMS.

Media Library

Drag and drop, review, organize, sync, swap and replace all your static or animated gif graphic images within the media library.

Template Library

Choose from a selection of HTML templates and create new menu boards quickly and easily for your venue or fans.


Keep concession managers focused on their specific environments by setting permissions based on your needs.

Technology Flow

POS Data Base

AmpThink CMS will pull names, descriptions, pricing and other desired information from the DB

AmpThink CMS

Ability to control themes, templates and view/hide specific menu items. Prefer to keep images hosted with CMS to have tighter control on image quality.

POS Data Base

Unique IP address for each board is synced to a specific end point within each concession area. Most types of media players are supported

End Points

Physical TV displays

Design & Graphics

Custom branded templates

Attract and engage fans with beautifully crafted menu board and signage designs. Romance the food through stunning food photography and graphics. Our design team uses video based motion graphics to bring to life detailed micro animations and takeovers on boards before going into production. This medium allows the artist vision to come to life and act as a guide for our development team to execute.

  • Detailed micro-animations to peak viewing interest
  • Create a unique look and feel based specifically on each brand, theme and/or venue
  • Allow offers and products to be displayed or interchanged quickly to help increase per cap spending

Scalable System and Easy Integration - Operations

Keep the power of content changes in the hands of concessionaires and reduce overhead responsibilities of venue or team event day operators.

Key features:

  • Automate tasks
  • Manage global changes with ease
  • Interchangeable content with scalable custom templates
  • Easy to use system and interface - You don’t have to have a technical degree to know how to use it

Technical Capabilities

  • Works any digital media player which can ingest and display a URL
  • CMS solution lives in the cloud which means it can be accessed both on and off premise
  • Responsive interface down to tablet size for mobility

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